Mini Recovery Unit VRR12+OS

Станция сбора и рекуперации фреона VRR12+OS

42 300.00 

It is designed to collect freon from the refrigeration system into a separate container. Equipped with oil separator. Productivity is 1/2 HP. Cosmpressor piston oil-free. The power of 380 watts. Identification number (serial serial number) or information about the absence of such a number. The recovery and recovery of refrigerant is designed for the evacuation of Freon from refrigeration systems. The Value VRR-12L-OS station uses a reliable oil-free cooling motor. Also for convenience, safety and durability of work the station is equipped with a protective automatic shut-off at too high Freon pressure in the system. The VRR-12L-OS Refrigerant Recovery Station is easy to operate, equipped with low and high pressure protection, all operations are controlled by a single button.
Category III, R12, R134a, R401C, R406A, R500
Category IV, R22, R401A, R401B, R402B, R407C, R407D, R408A, R409A, R411B, R412A, R502, R509
Category V, R402A, R404A, R407A, R407B, R410A, R507
The supply voltage / motor is 230V / 50Hz. / 550 watts.
Rotational speed 1450 rpm. / 50 Hz.
Compressor Oil-free, air-cooled with 1 valve.
Automatic switch-off 38,5 bar / 3850 kPa (558 psi).
Operating temperature — from 0 ° С … + 40 ° С
Overall dimensions — 400 * 250 * 355 mm
It is not: an apparatus for crystallization or liquid transfer, used to divert UF6 during enrichment, by compressing and converting UF6 to a liquid or solid form.