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This Agreement determines the terms of use by Users of materials and services of the site (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”).

1. General conditions
1.1. Use of materials and services of the Site is governed by the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
1.2. This Agreement is a public offer. By accessing the materials of the Site, the User is deemed to have acceded to this Agreement.
1.3. The Site Administration has the right at any time to unilaterally change the terms of this Agreement. Such changes come into force after 3 (three) days from the date of posting a new version of the Agreement on the site. If the User disagrees with the changes made, he must refuse access to the Site, stop using the materials and services of the Site.
2. Obligations of the User
2.1. The User agrees not to take actions that may be considered to violate Russian law or international law, including in the field of intellectual property, copyright and / or related rights, as well as any actions that lead or may lead to a disruption of the normal operation of the Site and services Site.
2.2. Use of the Site materials without the consent of the rightholders is not allowed (article 1270 of the RF CC). For the legitimate use of the materials of the Site, it is necessary to conclude licensing agreements (obtaining licenses) from the Rightholders.
2.3. When quoting the materials of the Site, including copyrighted works, a link to the Site is required (Subparagraph 1 of Point 1 of Article 1274 of the RF CC).
2.4. Comments and other entries of the User on the Site should not conflict with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and the generally accepted norms of morality and morality.
2.5. The user is warned that the Site Administration is not responsible for visiting and using external resources, links to which may be contained on the site.
2.6. The User agrees that the Administration of the Site is not liable and does not have any direct or indirect obligations to the User in connection with any possible or arising losses or losses connected with any content of the Site, registration of copyright and information about such registration, goods or services, Accessible to or received through external sites or resources or other contacts of the User, to which he entered, using information posted on the Site or links to external resources.
2.7. The user accepts the provision that all materials and services of the Site or any part thereof may be accompanied by advertising. The User agrees that the Site Administration does not bear any responsibility and does not have any obligations in connection with such advertising.
3. Other conditions
3.1. All possible disputes arising from or related to this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.
3.2. Nothing in the Agreement can be understood as the establishment of agency relations between the User and the Site Administration, partnership relations, joint activities, personal hiring relations, or any other relations not expressly provided for in the Agreement.
3.3. Recognition by a court of any provision of the Agreement as invalid or unenforceable does not entail invalidity of other provisions of the Agreement.
3.4. Inaction on the part of the Site Administration in the event of violation by the User of the provisions of the Agreement does not deprive the Site Administration of the right to take later appropriate actions in defense of its interests and protection of copyrights to the materials of the Site protected in accordance with the law.


(The “Site”)

This Privacy Policy is applicable to this Site. After watching
Be sure to read the text containing the privacy policy
Used site. In the event of disagreement with this Privacy Policy
Stop using this Site.
By filling out any of the forms and using this Site, you hereby agree with
The terms of the Privacy Policy set out below. The site guards
Privacy of site visitors.

personal information
In order to provide you with services, answer questions, fulfill your wishes and
Requirements require information such as your name and phone number. SITE can
Use the specified information to respond to requests, as well as to contact you by
To provide information about SITE services and
Advertising campaigns. When you receive a request in the form of sending any
The SITE form may be required to contact you for
Additional information necessary for your service and response to
questions you are interested in. SITE undertakes not to transmit this information to third parties
Persons without your permission, with the exception of the information necessary for
Performance of your service. For your part, you grant the SITE the right
Use any information you provide to perform the above

Transfer of personal data in any form (in person, by phone or over the Internet)
Is always associated with a certain risk, since there are no absolutely reliable
(Protected from malicious attacks) systems, but the SITE accepts
Necessary adequate measures to minimize risk and prevent
Unauthorized access, unauthorized use and misrepresentation of your
Personal data.

The SITE does not accept any information from persons under the age of 18 without consent from them
Parents or legal guardians. In addition, persons under 18 years of age can not perform
Any purchases or other legal actions on this Site without consent
Parents or legal guardians, if this is not permitted by the legislation of the Russian Federation

SITE has the right to change this Privacy Policy, modify and
Correct access conditions or deny access to the site, as well as modify it
Content at any time without prior notice.


This agreement on the use of personal data (hereinafter the Agreement) applies to
LLC “CRYSTAL” (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) for users and customers
(Hereinafter referred to as the Customer) of the website and its third-level domains.
Ordering services from the Contractor on the website you confirm that
Have read the Agreement and agree with its clauses, and express their consent to provide
The Contractor and / or authorized representatives of the Contractor have personal data about themselves.
If you do not agree with one or more paragraphs of the Agreement, or do not agree to provide
Personal data about yourself to the Contractor and / or authorized representatives of the Contractor,
Refuse the services of the Contractor on the site.
1. Personal data collected, stored and processed by the Contractor
1.1. To fully provide services to the Customer, the Contractor collects, stores and processes
Personal data of the Customer.
1.2. The number of personal data collected, stored and processed by the Contractor includes:
1.2.1. Name, surname, country, region and city of residence, postal address, e-mail address,
Phone number (including mobile phone), company name;
1.2.2. Data that is automatically transferred to the network from the Customer’s device: IP address,
Information from cookies (so-called cookies), information about a browser or other program, using
Which the Customer provides access to the network and to a particular site, the access date and time, the address
The requested page.
1.2.3. Other information about the Customer, which the Contractor reasonably can relate to
Personal data.
2. For what purposes does the Contractor use the Customer’s personal data 2.1. Within this
Agreements personal data of the Customer can be used for the following purposes:
2.1.1. To provide the Customer with information on the status of its Orders, as well as for
Providing information on goods and services that, in the opinion of the Contractor, may
To be of interest to the Customer;
2.1.2. For conducting surveys and marketing, statistical and other research;
2.1.3. For the delivery of ordered / agreed goods and other services to the Customer;
2.1.4. To inform the Customer about new services or goods of the Contractor and / or partners
Performer. The customer can be informed by various means of communication, including, but
Not limited to: mailing, e-mail, sms-mailing, phone (in
Including a mobile phone), facsimile, the Internet;
2.1.5. To protect the interests of the Contractor;
2.1.6. For other legitimate purposes aimed at improving the quality of
Services and products of the Contractor.
3. Provision of Customer’s personal data to third parties
3.1. Except as provided by law and this Agreement,
The Contractor undertakes not to sell, not to provide to
Use, not exchange and in any other way not to transfer to third parties personal
Data of the Customer.
3.2. The Contractor has the right to provide third parties with personal data of the Customer if:
3.2.1. The customer gave his direct consent to the transfer of his personal data to third parties.
3.2.2. The transfer of the Customer’s personal data is necessary for the provision of services to the Customer and / or for
Processing of personal data of the Customer. In the event that the Contractor transfers personal
The Customer’s data to third parties, the Contractor requires compliance with third parties
Confidentiality of the Customer’s personal data.
3.2.3. The transfer, use or disclosure of such information is necessary for: Compliance with any applicable laws and regulations; Solving and / or eliminating technical problems; Protection of the Contractor’s interests.
3.3. In the event that the Executor performs a full or partial sale or other
Transfer of their assets, all obligations for conservation will pass to the recipient of assets
Confidentiality of the Customer’s personal data provided for in this Agreement.
4. Protection of the Customer’s personal data
4.1. The Contractor takes all necessary measures to protect the Customer’s personal data.
However, the Customer is fully responsible for ensuring the safety of the devices, through
The Customer shall log on to the Internet and the information stored on these
4.2. The customer confirms and agrees that he personally responds:
4.2.1. For ensuring the security of the device (personal computer, mobile device and
Etc.) through which the Customer makes an Internet connection;
4.2.2. For the storage of information: passwords, information about accounts, etc.
5. Consent of the Customer to the voluntary provision of personal data to the Contractor
5.1. When ordering the Contractor’s services on the website, the Customer in an explicit form
Expresses his consent to provide the Contractor and the authorized representatives of the Contractor with his
Personal data for the preservation, subsequent processing and use of this data.
5.2. The customer must maintain personal information about himself in the current state.
5.3. The Customer may at any time terminate this Agreement, as required to notify
Performer for 14 days.
5.3.1. The Customer may notify the Contractor about the termination of the Agreement by registered
Mail notification with a list of attachments or hand in the notice personally against the signature
Authorized representative of the Contractor.