In the supermarket you will find everything!

Supermarket is a self-service store. For the most part, stores of this type have a considerable area. And thanks to a large range of products Department stores are very popular.

The very first supermarket appeared in the middle of the 19th century in France. Goods from common groups were located in different parts of the trading floor. For example, to buy a sewing kit you had to take needles at one end of the hall, and the threads had to go to the other end. Thus, on the way for the necessary goods, buyers chose other products, which initially did not plan to purchase.

ПЕрвый универсам, открытый во Франции

Первый универсам

In Russia, the first Department stores were GUM and TSUM in Moscow, and Gostiny Dvor and Passage In St. Petersburg. They appeared in the early 20th century.

Nowadays, Department stores can be found at every step. They attract visitors with a huge variety of products. And for the convenience of customers groups of goods are divided into sections. Each separate section is given its name and placed on suspended structures suspended from the ceiling. Thus, customers will be comfortable to navigate in the store.

The range of Department stores may differ from each other. The main groups of products are usually drinks, food, household chemicals, household goods and much more. Great demand, of course, will enjoy the store, which has a more diverse range of products.

To residents of the residential area had the opportunity to purchase all the necessary goods in one store, we were approached by a representative of the company “Керченское”. Having rented the area for the store, they needed to equip the trading floor with all the necessary equipment on a turnkey basis.

Оснащение универсама Керченское

Оснащение универсама Керченское

For the new store “Supermarket” it was necessary to prepare a design project for the commercial area of 280 m2. We picked up the trade equipment, relying on the commodity range of shop. For storage of meat products were selected refrigerated cabinets, and for sellers equipped area for m’yasa cutting tables. To accommodate dairy products picked up the cabinets and refrigerated cabinets. Groceries, confectionery and bakery products are located on the shelves. Household chemicals were also placed on various racks. For fruits and vegetables picked up shelves, slides and vegetable ruins. Also, our forces were equipped with a zone of cash flow systems and cash boxes.

Оборудование универсама Керченское

Оборудование универсама Керченское

We used the equipment of trade marks Марихолодмаш, Снеж, Полюс, КС Русь, Штрих-М и Шолс. The arrangement of the equipment was arranged in such a way that the buyer, moving from one desired product to another, also put into his basket what he was not going to buy initially.

As a result, we have equipped the store “Supermarket” with all the necessary commercial equipment. And its convenient location will allow visitors to make the necessary and pleasant purchases.

Универсам Керченское схема зала

Схема универсама Керченское