The need for industrial goods!

We have long been unable to imagine their lives without Department stores. We constantly need to buy or purchase something. Ended tool for washing dishes or washing powder, or maybe you want to buy a new pillow or at your home ended writing pens. In any case, you want to purchase these products did not take much of your time.

For the convenience of consumers and the possibility of a large selection now there are many Department stores. Most often they are called supermarkets. The supermarket itself is a large one-stop shop where you can buy a full range of products and household goods.

But in addition to grocery stores, no one would refuse to have a supermarket of industrial goods within walking distance from the house. After all, every day in everyday life we use a lot of products, such as powders, dish sponges, stationery, various means of personal hygiene, garbage bags and much more. These products sooner or later end, and some are in disrepair and need to buy new ones to replace them.

For convenience of purchase of such goods in one shop there are supermarkets of industrial goods. Where you can buy from toothpicks to a home fan. These shops are very convenient because you can buy the necessary goods for the house, without going to the hypermarket.

One of these supermarkets decided to open “АСП Групп” for residents of Zelenograd. They needed to open a self-service shop with an area of 500 m2 and fully equip it with commercial equipment.

Торговый зал магазина промтоваров

Торговая площадка магазина промышленных товаров

The equipment is necessary for placement and demonstration of goods in a shop hall. A properly placed equipment has a positive impact on sales.

At equipment of this trading platform it was required to develop an individual line of showcases and to issue in firm style. In the absence of specialists cope with such task impossible. And “АСП Групп” decided to assign the task of equipping the store to “КРИСТАЛЛ”.

Having received all the necessary initial data, our team started to work. First of all, it was necessary to prepare a design project for a new site. Then we started to select the right equipment.

For the supply of a given shopping area the equipment was required to develop a corner line of Windows made of aluminum profile. Supply the entire area of the supermarket with various racks. Equip the cash register area and install the systems at the entrance and exit of the store.

Оснащение магазина промтоваров

Оснащение магазина промышленных товаров

We picked up everything necessary for equipment of a trading hall. After all, the Department store has a huge range of products. And regardless of the group of products, they all deserve a place to be in front of the store buyers.

All commercial equipment was selected based on the volume of the store area and the performance of the equipment. We have used manufacturers such as КС Русь, Штрих-М, Марихолодмаш, Полюс, Шолс and Снеж.

The result is a convenient store for customers, and profitable for the customer. The convenient location of the store, as well as the equipment inside it meets all the needs of the buyer and seller.

Дизайн-проект магазина промышленных товаров

Схема оснащения магазина промышленных товаров