In today’s world it is very important part of the perception of the quality of goods or services based on the feedback in the media. After all, modern man drawing a positive or negative opinion does not make little or no work. Just open a particular resource and read the reviews. And if it is a large number of reviews, this in itself means that the resource is alive, and the people who are behind this resource work tirelessly. And if the reviews are positive, and yet, the user is sure to have an excellent resource companies. качество


On a page of reviews of our company you can read the opinions of our customers, about the already completed projects, the quality of our services, service level pricing policy, as well as many other things. We are honest, open and offer you the opportunity to draw conclusions about our company. It is usually left to a review after all the work, when all the monetary and documentary aspects resolved and all that is written in a review usually comes from the heart and soul.







Варданян ИП Individual entrepreneur

-The work is done neatly, perfectly.

ООО «Форвард»

-Everything is super! Cooperation with LLC “Crystal” completely suits us.

Petrova TP – Store Administrator “Куриный дом Звенигород”

-Master Fedor arrived within two hours after the appeal. I repaired the refrigeration cabinet. Prior to that they had been approached repeatedly, the masters came, but they could not figure out the reason for the malfunction. Fyodor – Respect! Well done!

Polyakova S.V.

-The work is done qualitatively. There are no remarks.

Tyan E.A. Cookery “Золотая Бухара”

-All are satisfied! Guys fellows!

Ekaterina –  is an individual entrepreneur

– They came, the work was done perfectly, thank you!


– Fulfilled everything on time. The team is operational. Thank you.


karavan-ekspress ТК”Караван Экспресс”
We express our gratitude to the employees of CRYSTAL. Your efficiency in carrying out the commissioning of our temporary storage cells and the ability to respond responsibly to the tasks set.
Our plans include the provision of cold storage facilities for our temporary storage of food. We plan to attract CRYSTAL to these events. We like your professionalism.
Thank you for your work!
ekoservis ООО”ЭКОСЕРВИС Смоленск”
The company Ecoservice Smolensk LLC thanks CRYSTALL for the successful and high-quality work on the assembly of refrigerated warehouses and units in the city of Smolensk.
The company has established itself as a true professional in its field. Non-standard solutions, professional approach – the main components in the work of specialists of this company.
Thank you for flexible and timely response to our demands and wishes.
dve-palochki ООО”Две Палочки Восточная Европа”
We express our gratitude to the company “Kristall” for many years of cooperation in the construction of the chain of restaurants “Two sticks”.
The company “Crystal” always performs its work on the installation of cold rooms qualitatively and on time.
omega-menedzhment УК”ОМЕГА МЕНЕДЖМЕНТ”
Omega Management Company expresses gratitude to the team of Kristall Company for mutually beneficial cooperation, timeliness, efficiency, responsibility for the installation of refrigeration equipment and refrigeration chambers in 2014.
We wish you productive success, economic and financial well-being.
We hope for further fruitful work with your team.
zolotye-luga ОАО”Золотые Луга”
The company “CRYSTALL” performed the installation of a refrigerating warehouse at the facility: in the city of Ishim, the branch of JSC “Golden meadows” “Milk Factory Ishim”.
The design work was carried out in a high-quality and timely manner.
In the process of cooperation, in addition to competitive pricing, Kristall has established itself as a reliable partner, and the specialists have demonstrated an attentive attitude to the requirements and wishes of the Customer.
The obtained results allow to recommend the company Crystal as a reliable and conscientious organization for the implementation of trading and refrigeration systems.
 proekt-montazh-stroj  ООО «ПроектМонтажСтрой»
The company “Project Installation and Construction” is just beginning the development of its project direction, but already has the professionals of its activity. Therefore, we decided to approach the production of the associated refrigerating systems strictly and accurately.
Thanks to the company “Crystal” we got what we wanted to see as the final construction project with refrigeration systems for our client.
We express our gratitude for the quality, speed, loyalty and respect of our client, and so for reasonable prices.
We are counting on further cooperation.


 We can only say good words about your company. Collaborating for a long time and no wrangling. The last time we ordered a ready-made kit for storing refrigerated products in our company. As always, the workers delivered the equipment on time, quickly installed, while the work in the kitchen did not stop. Everything is clear, well-coordinated, professional.


 Order made for the grocery store. We bought refrigeration and freezing equipment. Your firm was advised by our supplier. A few months later, it was noted that the electricity consumption was reduced by a third. It is easy to adjust the temperature regimes. Units operate silently. Gratitude from all our team.


 I liked to work with you. Thank you for the quick installation of refrigeration systems. For what everyone has configured, set the necessary parameters. The units operate in automatic mode. Sometimes we monitor the temperature in the refrigerator compartment. Service on the highest level.


 The company, where to buy freezers, was selected very carefully. They chose the best of the best, because the equipment was put not for one year. Have stopped on yours. Finally, we were convinced of the correctness of the choice because of reliable manufacturers, which are trusted by large firms. Thanks for the professional approach in the installation of cameras and related accessories. An agreement was signed. Warranty is provided.


 We can confidently state that your company meets all the requirements of quality service. We have a chain of shops. Constant problems with the installation of refrigeration equipment and its failure led to you. Not without recommendations from good people. The guys from the service center thoroughly checked everything, they said that it was necessary to change urgently (a candy bar, a split system), and what else would work. The next day the team of workers did everything. The noise stopped, which only frightened the visitors. And for the storage of food are calm. Previously, because of improper storage, you had to write off a lot of goods.


 I liked the work of your service. Quickly responded to the application. Themselves called back. After we explained the problem on the phone, computer design was done, without which it would be more difficult and longer to install the equipment. Now everything is in place and works fine. For 7 months, there has never been a failure. We thank for the timely help.


 Thank you for installing a complete set of freezing equipment and assistance in designing a shopping pavilion. It was necessary to install everything compactly so that both the visitors and the restaurant staff were happy with everything. The compressor was placed in a separate engine room, which significantly reduced the noise level. It also eliminated the problem of the release of warm flows into the kitchen. Thank you for your work. We will recommend you and work together.


 The purchase of refrigeration equipment and the refrigeration chambers themselves to the enterprise was more than successful. We want to say thank you to your employees. It can be seen that their experience is enormous. Very quickly everyone does. All installed with convenience. For example, a candy bar was made on an unusual design, as we asked, the cameras were placed compactly, etc. Everything suited.


 We have been cooperating with this company for a long time and we want to express our deep respect and hope for further joint work. Often we order refrigeration equipment for various purposes and yet the supplier has not failed us once. Sincerely we wish further development.


 I have a great experience with suppliers. Many years in various companies ordered refrigeration equipment (cabinets, storefronts, shelves, etc.). Somewhere the service was limping, somewhere prices were inflated after the first batch. In Crystal I liked the most. Stable prices (which is by the way strange when the exchange rate is floating) and good service. Employees are courteous, orders quickly perform. Thank you for such a good work.


 We express our gratitude to your company for the quality equipment, prompt delivery and installation. A frost chamber was ordered to freeze minced meat. The quality of the products received is at an altitude. We want to note the convenience of working with the camera. The productivity of our company has increased by 25%. Previously, it took a long time to freeze. Now the output is larger, accordingly, and the profit grows. Thank you.


 We love to pamper our young customers with delicious confectionery. It is imperative that they are fresh, so carefully monitor the storage conditions of cakes and pastries. To do this, ordered the confectionery showcases Crispi Gamma. There are no complaints about the equipment operation. Cooperation with the company Crystal is absolutely happy. Thank you for the excellent service and high quality equipment.


 The old equipment was changed in the warehouse. Replaced the split system with a new one. Ordered in your company on the recommendation of partners. All installed correctly, now the split system is on the street. Work was satisfied. All did officially and under the contract. The guarantee was provided.


 New business – new equipment. They opened a large warehouse-vegetable store. Thank your company for the sale and installation of quality equipment. Namely, for the installation of several prefabricated cameras on the split-system. They made everything on a turnkey basis: air coolers, complex convenient control of cameras, the center in another room. All this optimized the workflow, which is already actively going.


 It was necessary to equip the room with freezing equipment for fish freezing. Did not know what and how to choose. Called 4 firms, but they said first determine what exactly we need. When they called you, they did not particularly hope for understanding. They were pleasantly surprised when the manager offered help. Your employees have calculated everything, recommended the necessary equipment, made its installation. Everything works flawlessly. Our honors!


 Ordered in this company installation monoblocks MGM. I liked the characteristics of the equipment, including functionality and simplicity. The service is completely satisfied. Despite the “financial crisis” and all that, prices remain rather low there. The management of our company expresses hope for further fruitful cooperation.


 The chamber of shock freezing is excellent! Our freezing equipment is obsolete, we decided to replace it. We have a small production of semi-finished products. Thank you for installing and consulting how to use, in particular, the electronic control unit. I liked several cooling modes. In general, we are satisfied with the prompt delivery, the price, the quick installation provided by the warranty service.


 For a supermarket, 7 refrigerated display cases were urgently needed. Your firm has offered the most favorable conditions (adequate prices + manufacturer’s warranty + installation warranty) and effective solutions (equip the store with an external system). For laying out the goods, there is now much more space, also a good saving on electricity. Thank you. We will continue to work.


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