Our company is a service and installation organization and, as it should, has a whole range of services.

To begin with, let me briefly tell about us

We work with Meat Packaging, Bakery, Agro-Industrial Complexes, Companies producing agricultural products, Trading companies and a large number of non-core organizations.

So We are useful as Companies processing raw materials,

And to the Companies realizing consumption of food stuffs.

  • Dozens of staff brigades are on the balance sheet
  • Contents own service department
  • To have the same Rem-base for central and regional services
  • We use separate, own repair teams
  • Extensive net of spare parts warehouses for all regions of the Russian Federation.
  • We give a longer warranty
  • We attach the manager for each object

We guarantee

  • Departure for service and repair in two days
  • Full replacement of non-working parts of trading areas for a period of 1 day to a week, providing a high speed of entry into service after a breakdown.
  • Best rates and offer great discounts.
  • Departures and diagnostics of damages are free of charge within the framework of the contract.
  • Free design projects for equipping the store for all organizations standing on the service.

There are many more useful services. We are reliable and can rely on us.