A place where fresh meat lives!

Meat in ancient times was indispensable food for survival. Thanks to the amount of protein in the meat, it has earned the status of the most commonly used product in the world. The protein itself is an indispensable source of energy necessary for a person.

Now the choice of meat products that we offer manufacturers are very diverse. There is a certain classification of meat products, regulated by GOST. There are 5 categories. Category a includes semi-finished products with a mass fraction of muscle tissue of 80%. To category B-with a mass fraction of 60-80%. The following three categories are already considered to be meat-containing products. A meat-containing semi-finished product category D contains the minimum percentage of muscle tissue. Products of these categories, with a minimum mass fraction of muscle tissue called vegetable-meat (meat product analogue).

Due to the content of a large number of minerals and vitamins in meat, meat products are in great demand and are produced in large volumes. Chains of shops selling meat products and delicacies are constantly expanding. The demand for meat products never falls.

And one day, we were approached by a representative of the network “Мясной двор”. Representatives of the network planned to open a new store of the network and they needed help in the selection of commercial equipment for the development of an individual design project.

The store needed to be equipped with refrigeration equipment. Given that the store specializes in the sale of meat products, we had to choose refrigerated display cases for storage of chilled meat, because only when properly stored chilled meat retains its useful properties and stays fresh longer.

Торговый зал магазина "Мясной двор"

Холодильные витрины магазина “Мясной двор”

For storage of meat semi-finished products, we picked up the freezing chests of open type, to demonstrate the products presented to visitors. For meat delicacies and sausages, we have installed refrigerated display cases. Along the walls behind the counter were installed shelves for related products groceries, canned food, bakery products and various seasonings.

We installed commercial equipment based on the developed design project, and taking into account the useful area of the store. Selection of equipment we did, taking into account the color style chosen by the customer and the quality of the equipment. At work we used equipment of brands Shols, КС Русь and others.

As a result, we have provided the store network “Мясной двор” quality and reliable equipment. Commercial equipment demonstrates goods to customers, and refrigeration equipment provides long-term storage of goods, without temperature changes. And the store itself can offer its visitors all the necessary products of daily consumption. And so it turned out a convenient store for local residents.

Дизайн-проект для "Мясной двор"

Схема магазина “Мясной двор”