Manifold Guage VMG-2-R22

Манометрическая станция VMG-2-R22

3 985.00 

The Manifold Guage is a two-valve manometric collector with a manometer, a manovacuum meter and a set of three charging hoses wrapped around it.

It is used for measuring high and low pressure in refrigeration systems operating on refrigerant R404A, R407C, R22, R134A, complete with hoses 1.2m.

The diameter of the manometers is 80mm.

Fittings on the manifold: 1/4 “-1/4” -1/4 “.

Three hoses 1/4 “-1/4”. Plastic case.



Gauge scale

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Dimeter of gauge (mm.)


Lenth of hose (cm.)