Shop for car owners!

The number of car owners is increasing every year. And the car must always be maintained in good condition. Because the wear of the various mechanisms and parts happens all the time.

Opening of business on sale of automobile spare parts-undoubtedly men’s business. But even despite this, few people know what commercial equipment will have to buy or pick up a range of products. With the right approach this work brings a very good income.

Careful care of your car, coming from car owners, helps to maintain a stable income owners of auto parts stores. And, of course, the sale of spare parts is a highly profitable business.

The purchase of equipment is one of the earliest stages in the opening of the business. You will surely agree that with well-chosen equipment will depend on the convenience of customers, and even the convenience of the staff. And the correct placement of commercial equipment in the hall will have a positive impact on sales.

The best solution in the selection of equipment for the retail space, of course, will appeal to the company that specializes in this issue. You can, of course, find information on the Internet, but to open a really profitable site, you can not do without firms specializing in the sale and installation of commercial equipment.

Торговый зал магазина "Шинсервис"

Торговый зал магазина “Шинсервис”

The customer from the stores “Шинсервис” decided to open a spot in the village of Kurilovo. That locals could get all necessary auto parts in one shop, without leaving behind them in the neighboring cities.

The customer appealed to “КРИСТАЛЛ” for help in equipping the new store. The parts store does not require any refrigeration equipment. Everything you need to equip a new shop, it was commercial equipment.

Among the commercial equipment we used were racks, racks for placing various details and cash box. Equipping of the salesroom was carried out according to the prepared design project for this store. The equipment we used brands: Shols and Eco Line.

Equipment provided has allowed to place in the trading hall of the entire range of products. This has a positive effect on demand. Visitors have the opportunity to buy everything they need for their car in one place. The correct arrangement of equipment helps to ensure a profitable demonstration of goods, and helps visitors in convenient access to the goods.

Below you can see the image schema is designed to store “Шинсервис”.

Схема для магазина "Шинсервис"

Схема для магазина “Шинсервис”