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CEO Travnikov Dmitry Pavlovich


Production of boiled and smoked sausages!

  The diet of most of us includes meat products. And all kinds of meat delicacies are always present on our festive table. Smoked, boiled and smoked products, various cuts or dried meat, all this is an abundance of meat products, we try to diversify our diet. More detailed…

New arrivals of channel air conditioners NeoClima PROF NS-24D5

    Semi-industrial air conditioners duct type Midea PROF NS-24B5 will be a great solution to provide comfortable conditions in the office or in a city apartment. Read more…

How to equip a paint shop?

  One of the most common types of commercial equipment – trading racks. Their scope is very diverse. From storing documents to the building tool. The racks themselves are divided into a large number of types. Opening your store, regardless of its subject, you can not do without this type of equipment. They can be […]

A place where fresh meat lives!

  Meat in ancient times was indispensable food for survival. Thanks to the amount of protein in the meat, it has earned the status of the most commonly used product in the world. The protein itself is an indispensable source of energy necessary for a person. Now the choice of meat products that we offer […]

A haven for artists!

  Opening a store with goods for artists is not an easy matter. The target audience in this area is very small. And the range matches that can be purchased in many Department stores. Read more…

In the supermarket you will find everything!

  Supermarket is a self-service store. For the most part, stores of this type have a considerable area. And thanks to a large range of products Department stores are very popular. Read more…

The need for industrial goods!

  We have long been unable to imagine their lives without Department stores. We constantly need to buy or purchase something.For the convenience of consumers and the possibility of a large selection now there are many Department stores. Read more…

How to equip a shop counter type?

  Most of us, near the house, have a shop counter type. Go on the go and buy something you need home. Stores of this format usually boast a wide variety of food products. Read more…

A thousand little things in one store!

  It is convenient when you can buy everything you need in one place. Suppose you have a broken blender and you haven’t cooked a dish yet. Or you are going to go to nature, and a portable speaker would be just the way. Or maybe you are engaged in repair and you need to […]

Shop for car owners!

  The number of car owners is increasing every year. And the car must always be maintained in good condition. Because the wear of the various mechanisms and parts is constantly. Read more…

“Просто цветы” for any occasion!

Flower production all the year round is in demand, and especially in holidays. A store located in a crowded place will be in great demand. After all, most often the main customers are passers-by. More detailed…

Meat abundance of “Царицыно”!

  Most of us in the diet contains a variety of sausages. Eat Breakfast sandwich with fresh sausage, boil sausages for dinner, when there is no time to cook or set the table with a variety of cuts for the holiday. Quality sausages have long deserved a place to be on your table.  Read more…

Warehouse temporary storage “Домодедово”.

  Every day a huge number of goods cross the border by air. But upon arrival in the country, the goods must be issued according to the relevant regulations. The period of registration of documentation can be from 2 days to a month, and during this period the goods need to be stored somewhere in […]

Radio-controlled model-everyone’s dream!

  The dream of any child-to have a radio-controlled model. Radio-controlled aircraft, and maybe a high-speed SUV, no doubt will be glad to receive any boy as a gift. Usually the adult male will not be able to ignore such toys. Read more…