How to equip a paint shop?


Брендированные стеллажи

Стеллажи для магазина “Рогнеда”

One of the most common types of commercial equipment – trading racks. Their scope is very diverse. From storing documents to the building tool. The racks themselves are divided into a large number of types.

Opening your store, regardless of its subject, you can not do without this type of equipment. They can be both for small-sized products and for large-size goods.

There are basic types of racks. From which you can select vegetable-fruit racks, racks for bakery products, racks for goods in bulk, trading racks, wine racks and cargo.

All grocery stores install vegetable fruit racks on their trading floors. After all, vegetables and fruits make up a large part of our daily diet. These racks are made so that the buyer was the most convenient to reach the product. And the presence of a large number of shelves allows you to place a large range of products.

Bakery racks also install all grocery stores. Bread is an integral part of our diet. More often such racks are made of wood, wood chipboard or metal. They are equipped with special baskets, which show profitable bakery products.

Shelving for loose goods is required not all the stores. Often they are placed in big supermarkets. Such racks are equipped with a large number of cells to accommodate various goods.

Trade racks have the widest application. They are used in bookstores, household chemicals, electrical appliances, stationery and many other areas. They are made of different materials, depending on the required load.

Wine racks are necessary to the stores that sell alcohol products. For cheap drinks use metal racks, and for more elite products made of high-strength chipboard racks.

Another type of racks, different from the others – it’s cargo racks. They are installed in warehouses, for storage of a large number of products or for large goods.

In some cases, the production of individual type racks is required. Perhaps you have a product from a unique category or you need to make a rack of a special shape, and maybe branding, based on the corporate style.

Стеллажи для магазина лакокрасочных изделий

Брендированные стеллажи для “Рогнеда”

The group of companies “Рогнеда” faced with the need to create racks of individual type. They needed a quarterly supply of complete racks in the corporate style. They asked us for help in this matter.

The team of specialists ” КРИСТАЛЛ” has developed for the group of companies” ROGNEDA ” an individual model of racks with laminated printing. Racks are a metal painted structure. They are designed to accommodate paint products, which has a considerable weight.

The shelves were made according to individual customer’s specifications and designed specifically for the product group of companies “Рогнеда”.

Стеллаж для магазина красок

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