A haven for artists!

Opening a store with goods for artists is not an easy matter. The target audience in this area is very small. And the range matches that can be purchased in many Department stores.

The number of stores that sell goods for artists is extremely small. Usually it makes sense to open such shops near art schools and colleges. If you decide to open such a store, then after choosing the trading area you will need to take care of providing the widest possible range of products. You need to select visitors you have had as art products for professionals and for Amateurs.

An important step in the opening of any store is the selection of commercial equipment. From how competent equipment you will pick up, will depend on the demand of visitors to your products. Convenient display of the goods allows you to get better acquainted with the range, and also helps to leave a good impression about the store.

Магазин художественных товаров

Оснащение стеллажами магазина художественных товаров

To provide customers with the convenience of shopping, you need to know how to approach the selection of commercial equipment for the store. Trade racks will be indispensable equipment for the store engaged in the sale of goods for artists. After all, the main range of such a store is all kinds of brushes, paints, markers, stationery, paper and more. And given the huge variety of all products should focus on its correct demonstration. The more products will fall into the field of view of the visitor, the higher the chances of making a purchase.

This task will handle the shopping rack. He most effectively copes with the task of demonstrating the goods. A corner racks allow you to use more useful space of the trading floor and the ability to demonstrate more products.

The network of shops “Красный Карандаш” appeared relatively recently. In their plans was the opening of several stores of the network in Moscow. And of course they needed equipment in the halls.

A representative of the company “Красный карандаш” asked our company for help in supplying their store with the necessary equipment. They needed to provide the shopping store shelves, and to develop individual equipment to complete in products.

Инновационное оборудование для внедрения в действующие магазины

Оборудование для укомплектовки групп товаров

Based on the initial data provided by the customer, our experts have developed innovative patented equipment for implementation in existing retail stores in order to complement the group of products in a single product, freeing the leased area and reducing monthly costs. The product was modeled and manufactured for the sale of all groups of art goods. The product was poured into a special form prepared for the project, and painted in the color required by the customer.

In conclusion, I would like to add that with the right equipment and the convenience of shopping for your visitors, you will return again and again!

Схема оборудования для художественных товаров

Схема оборудования для магазина художественных товаров